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Who are my clients:

As I look at my client list, here is what i see the most: business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, non-profits, spiritual seekers, lovers, artists, healers, and coaches.

The following  is a short video I didn't know was going to be made.  It was very early on in my coaching career ~ I'm being interviewed about a chapter i wrote in a book publised by Transformation Publishing called "Transform Your Life"- my chapter is on Alternative Healing in the book Transform Your Life

Examples of my work:

Life Coaching - life transformations, life purpose, money, addiction, stress, manifestation (specific goal), belief work (e.g., self esteem, self love), communication, relationships, career/job shifts, meditation, emotional healing, consciousness/enlightenment/spirituality, alternative health, coaches' coach

Business Coaching
- business turnarounds, business transformations, business profitability, leadership, time management/delegation, business strategy, business start-ups, business planning/business plans, financial projections, funding, specialty in everything food (restaurants, catering, food trucks, events, wholesale, retail, etc)

​... and now my give back is to coach  others  on how to use thisknowledge  to our best interest, individually and collectively.

Our Beliefs (what we think and feel) manifest in form.

As your coach,
I help you
transform who you are & how you think
so that you can
manifest what you desire ...

I'm with you every step of the way.

The  truth of life is that we are responsible beings  creating our life in every moment;

Therefore, if we want to change  the way our life  looks, we have to change what's going on inside our mind and our  hearts  first.

Our world of form is merely a reflection  of what is going on inside our minds  and our hearts


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First 30 mins FREE; ​Then $25/hr (up to 4 hrs)

"I make coaching Fast, Easy and Fun !"

 Certified Life Coach
Business Coach

​& Relationship Coach


This is how the world works. 

I have studied it, proven it, tested it, and live it ...

Life is like a game ~ where each of us are on our  soul's journey, learning the lesson  that is in front of us to learn.  Sometimes it's nice to have some one to talk to  or to get some help ~ this is where I come in.

What's going on in 1 area of my life ~ is going on in every area of my life.

As a certified life coach, I help people create lives they love; and I have experience coaching in all areas of life.  In fact, I've worked with over 300 clients since I started my practice.

My mantra is "Beliefs Manifest,"  my tag line is "Life is a Game .. Get a Coach,"  and my mission is to make coaching Fast, Easy & Fun.

For those that are interested in my training and qualifications, I am happy to share with you that i have an Economics degree, an M.B.A., 10 years working in the small business world and 10+ years studying and working in the world of transformation, including 13 certifications in a variety of coaching, transformation, spiritual and alternative healing modalities. i have also coached over 300 clients since I started my full-time practice in 2013.

My certifications and professional partnerships include Landmark Education, Transformation Magazine, Center for Spiritual Living, SCORE, the Chamber of Commerce, Think Theta Healing, the CCF Certified Coaches Federation, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Seminars Group International, and NVC (Non Violent Communication).  I'm also an active participant with YELP and Thumbtack.

It is our beliefs- what we think and what we feel - that manifest  in form.

​​Angelica Love
I Love Coaching !

To see the  impact of my work, please see my yelp, thumbtack & website testimonials.

Angelica Love

Certified Life Coach 


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